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How to Attract Customers: Inbound Marketing Essentials

If you want to attract more customers by using inbound marketing, increasing your website traffic is the first step. The more, quality traffic you can drive to your website, the more likely you’ll be able to convert that traffic into customers. There are a few essential tools you should use in order to start attracting customers to your brand.

Content Strategy

Your content strategy is your content roadmap. It’s a plan you create that is designed to drive as much quality traffic to your website as possible. In order for your content strategy to achieve this, it needs to be optimized for two things: 1. your buyer personas (your brand’s ideal customers) and 2. search engines.

When you optimize for your buyer personas, you want to focus on coming up with topics and titles that will intrigue your audience and encourage them to click and see more. You also need to optimize for search engines, meaning you need to make sure your blog posts will be easily found when someone makes a related search.


Keywords are what people search for when they go to a search engine, and they’re the key to optimizing your content. You can incorporate them into your content strategy in order to leverage the largest audience, but you should also do research to find out which keywords you have the best chance of ranking for.

You’ll likely be competing with other businesses to rank for these keywords, so you need to pay attention to how difficult they’ll be to rank for and how many people are searching for that longtail keyword. You can find all of this information by performing keyword research.

Content Creation

Once you find the best longtail keywords for your brand and have incorporated them into your content strategy, you’re ready to start creating content. The best content offers solutions to the questions, concerns, and problems your buyer personas are facing. If you can provide valuable, solution-based information in this way, your content will lead people from their search engine results to your website.

How to Attact Customers: Inbound Marketing Essesntials

Social Media

Optimizing your content for buyer personas and search engines is one way to get more traffic to your website, but you can increase your website traffic even more by being active on social media. Having an active social media presence gets your brand seen by a larger audience, drives more traffic to your website, and gives you more authority in search engines. All of these factors can attract more traffic and more customers to your website.

To get the best results, you should join in on discussions and post on the platforms where your buyer personas spend the most of their time. Facebook and Twitter are usually good starting points, but you should really think about your buyer personas and research to find out which platforms will be best.

By following these inbound marketing essentials, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your brand and increase your odds of gaining new customers. However, attracting traffic to your website is only the first step in this process. If you want to nurture this traffic into leads and then customers, you need to apply the complete inbound marketing process.

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