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How to Nurture Your Facebook Leads Into Sales

Attracting Facebook leads is important, but you need to be able to monetize those leads. The biggest part of converting Facebook leads into sales is creating a trusting relationship with your leads.

1. Start with the right kind of fans

Begin by narrowing down your prospective leads based on demographics, interests and location. If you’re not targeting the right fans, you can count on seeing next to no results from your social media efforts.

2. Make your information easy to find

Chances are, your Facebook fans are in the early stages of the buying cycle. At this point, anything that takes too much effort will discourage them from learning more about your product. For this reason, take the pain out of their search by sharing landing pages on your Facebook wall and your website’s blog.

3. Provide quality content

Since your fans are still in the early stages of the buying cycle, a hard sell won’t work. You need to soften things up. Flooding their walls with demands to “Buy Now” will probably only make them take back their “Like.” Instead, provide quality content such as entertaining videos, interesting statistics and helpful or relevant links to blog articles on your site. Doing so will help you develop a relationship with them that’s been built on trust. Providing links to your blog will also be driving them to your website (their point of purchase).

4. Make customized tabs for offers

This includes links to sweepstakes, contests, discounts, etc. But remember that you should make your prize relevant to your audience. Offering a popular product will bring in tons of people, many of whom may be outside of your target audience. Instead offer a discount or give-away of your product.

5. Soften your calls to action

As mentioned in method three, a blatant “Buy Now” call to action will most often be viewed as a turnoff to a fan and their perception of your product will decline. Instead, create and post your social media text and video content with softer calls to action that won’t off-put your fan. Using these softer calls to action will then further engage the customer with your product and lead them further down in the sales funnel, eventually ending in a sale. For example, the newest call to action that is being utilized by social marketers is the Pinterest description, “Pin now, read later.” This simple and quick task ensures that the pinner will save your product/information to their board and then revisit the pin when they are ready to buy.

Lead to Sales Softer Calls-to-Actions:

  • visit our website
  • read our blog
  • visit our fan page for new promotions
  • take a survey
  • give us some feedback
  • watch a video
  • sample a product
  • register for a class or webinar
  • download a informational white paper
  • pin now, read later

6. Convert social media leads into email subscribers.

Social media leads usually enter the sales funnel at an earlier stage in the buying process. Because of this, you need to adjust your email campaigns to provide valuable content that will help drive the decision-making process. Using this method, a lead will be more likely to purchase from you rather than the competitor they don’t have a relationship with.

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