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Top 10 Social Media Mistakes E-Commerce Businesses Make

The internet is more accessible to consumers than ever. With wifi hotspots everywhere and smart phones in our hands at all times, e-commerce sales have grown steadily over the past couple of years. E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods online. Aside from continued internet growth, online shopping is convenient and consumers believe they find deals online they will not be able to find in stores.

With so many internet options and web pages for consumers to choose from, many e-commerce businesses struggle with getting the brand the awareness it needs. One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness online is through social media. Social media is brand awareness at its finest. It may not immediately lead you to a sale, however, increased brand awareness ultimately increases sales.

Some businesses may argue putting energy into social media may not be worth it, however, those businesses are doing social media wrong. Just because you have a presence doesn’t mean you are doing it effectively. Here are the top 10 social media mistakes e-commerce businesses make and how to fix them.

1. Whether you know it or not, people are already talking about you on social media.

Many businesses aren’t doing research to find out what people are saying. Before launching a page, search through different social media outlets. This will give you an idea of a good starting point with the content on your social media pages.

2. Every business has a target audience.

It’s pointless to put time and energy into your posts if you’re not aiming to reach your target audience. After doing research, you will begin to see where your demographic is posting most. For a professional product or service, networks like Linkedin are your best bet. Your punk rock t-shirt business will probably do better elsewhere.

3. Using one generic post across all outlets does not work.

Twitter is notoriously for hashtags to tag posts, however tags are done differently on Tumblr. Some outlets, such as Instagram and Facebook, are more visual, with pictures catching the eye of the consumer. Customizing your messages for each outlet will increase your presence on that outlet.

4. Word of mouth generates sales.

If you don’t encourage consumers to share, some users may never be exposed to your brand. A post on Facebook such as “share this status if you’re excited for our upcoming online sale!” will expose you to those who don’t already like your page. It increases views and “likes,” giving your greater brand awareness.

5. Often social media users feel like they are part of a scam

Or they just don’t feel appreciated. Your posts should be all about the “you, you, you.” Change YOUR life today, make us a part of YOUR future. Posts that speak to the consumer are more engaging. Also, start dialogue with them. Ask questions your posts, and more importantly, respond back to them.

6. Many consumers will attempt to communicate to you through social media.

It is hard to take criticism, but you cannot ignore customer issues. Consumers will be pleasantly surprised when you respond back. It shows you care about your customers needs and wants and that it is a real person listening to what they have to say on the other side of the computer.

7. The goal of any business is to increase sales

However, don’t berate them only with information and posts about sales. Consumers don’t respond to those businesses that come off as too “salesy”. Sharing other things, such as articles and funny pictures, helps you to gain followers and also makes your brand memorable.

8. Give a call to action just for social media users.

If you don’t give something exclusive, consumers don’t feel the need to act. Exclusive offers also increase word of mouth. People tell their friends they “saw it on Facebook…,” bringing you new customers you may have never gotten.

9. Smart businesses are aware of current events.

Relating your posts to current trends and topics, for example the current “hump day” craze, will make your post and brand funny and exciting. Additionally, when creating a hashtag, it is important to make sure your hashtag will not offend anyone in any possible way. A bad hashtag can be detrimental.

10. Social media is not your time to act like a robot.

People like to buy from people. Present your business as a team of humans. Speak conversationally with your audience and show your personal side.

The importance of social media is growing and it cannot be ignored. Remember, if you aren’t putting an emphasis on social media, your competitor is. Don’t fall behind the competition because of poor social media.

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